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Our teams are experienced, professional, and work in the challenging environment of live education. Site management is carefully coordinated to minimize disruption for staff, students and visitors alike, we implement clear lines of communication with our client’s design team in order to deliver complex developments safely while minimizing their impact on the clients' activities.

Our experienced and professional teams know how to handle the complex nature of working within a live educational environment. We have established relationships with our clients and collaborate closely in managing their needs by minimizing disruptions.


Disruptive elements are covered from site compounds, planned activities, material deliveries, noisy work and car parking arrangements so you can be sure your development will remain safe while maintaining minimum impact on your business's operations!


We also maintain open lines of communication with the design team together with our clients to create vibrant new areas where teachers can do some serious learning without any distractions for themselves or their students!

Smooth communication and transparent approach

Our team works with supply chain partners to identify areas where we can reduce costs. If budget constraints are tight, our team will work hard to find ways for you to save. Careful planning and early discussions ensure the program is on track so that it both runs smoothly and according to schedule.

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We are specialists in the construction & renovation of residential & commercial properties. We provide building & construction services to clients in Leicester & surrounding areas.

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