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M&E Design and Install

Tanwood offers a range of bespoke mechanical and electrical services to buildings. As well as providing complete installations with emphasis on air conditioning, ventilation, and electrical work, we also have experience in working with architects- furnishing them the expertise they need for major M&E installation jobs or refurbishment tasks. With Tanwood’s comprehensive maintenance service packages available to building owners- including commercial offices and residential houses - our customers can rest assured that their property is being cared for by us .

Our design team and project management team will coordinate with all the contractors involved in the project to ensure a smooth installation process, minimize any site issues that come up as they arise, and have minimal impact on your time.

Smooth communication and transparent approach

Tanwood Construction Ltd is a commercial builders in Leicester that strives to have open discussions with clients. This way, we can capture their requirements and make sure the project goes well for everyone involved. Communication between you and us is very important when it comes to successful projects!

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We are specialists in the construction & renovation of residential & commercial properties. We provide building & construction services to clients in Leicester & surrounding areas.

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